Outreach Visits in the Second Week of Summer School


In the 9th Session, Friedrich introduced us to “Spiritual Solidarity in Action”, that is, the sensitive topic of not abusing power gaps whilst outreaching; first elaborating on the cycle of violence, and how such might be broken up in order to strive for peace, focusing on the Syrian Crisis.

We then dived further into the principle “not to harm” whilst wanting to help, vividly discussing such in the context of R&R Lebanon and shedding then light on the relevance of the “4 Humanitarian Principles”, thus, humanity, neutrality, partiality and independence to the overall work of any NGO, but specifically for our projects.

Those behavioral rules where then deepened and fostered by Nidal Elkhoury – the director of the Lebanese NGO “Arcenciel” in Halba and board member of R&R Lebanon, giving us a concrete guideline how to act and to move when outreaching. Directly afterwards we had been given the chance to apply those by visiting the informal camp of Tell Abbass in the very same city, where we were overly warmly welcomed by the families and further introduced to the NGO “Operazone Colomba” set up directly in the camp assisting the people with their daily needs.

The next day, we visited the camp school for Syrian children set up by Sheikh Abdulrahim Hesyan and now run by the NGO “Malaak”, talking about protection issues of displaced persons in Syria and the North of Lebanon. This school provides education to all children striving to enable them to be enrolled at Lebanese schools on a local level whilst networking on an international level with multiple stakeholders to create safe and protected zones where Syrians can resettle in their country.


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